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07 Arden Corsa

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  • 07 Arden Corsa

    i have only had my Corsa VXR for the last 3 months but the time has come where i really need to concentrate on paying bills off alot quicker than i am so the car has to go sadly, i am thinking of something half the value for the next year and half so happy times

    Car spec

    April 07 plate Arden Corsa
    32500 miles
    taxed for 6 months from September 1st
    MOT till April
    FSH, last one done was last month which was fine, changed to Mobil1 0-40 oil

    Mods staying on the car would be the Remus Cat back and Back Box as i dont have original and dont want to go through the process of changing over unless someone paid for swap over and paid me £250 and there standard exhaust, no other way i would take it off

    The car went in for a front bumper respray and wheels painted gloss black weeks after i got it and they are still fine.... pics show centre caps original colour but they are black aswell now

    bad points about the car would be 4 little marks where the previous owner tried to paint some bits on the bumper, cant see until close up
    2 panels have about 5mm paint that has flaked off but nothing major

    i really just want to get somewhere near my money i paid for this but obviously will take offers, i have viewed autotrader and ebay and this model comes from about £9300 without Remus(£300ish) onwards for my spec so starting price is


    any questions please ask me, i will reply asap

    my postcode is DL3


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    I am open to offers, please let me know if your interested


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      Bump on this, I have been offered £8250 cash with no Remus on so this is worth the price, it's going on eBay/autotrader on Saturday mornin

      I just want to get something alot cheaper at the moment


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        bump, ebay link added to first post, will add and change it in the next few days so it looks better


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          Sunday morning bump


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            Please pass this on to anyone you might know after the corsa, as said I am open to offers


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              Bump, only 2 days on ebay left, others might have seen it on Autotrader aswell


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                Bump, into he last 31 hours on ebay


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                  bump, last few hours


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                    BUY IT NOW £8500

                    i really want to sell this now and ebay is up to £6400 with people offering prices to me, i have found a new car i want which i need the cash asap but i need to sell my car

                    this really is a bargain for a car iv had 4 months and i have done the front bumper, wheels, remus and kenwood unit, £650 there alone which you can pick up in this bargain


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                      I actually don't know why I put the car on eBay, price is no where near valuation, serious bargain for £8500, would of thought it had of gone quicker, suppose i'l have to stick with the car for now


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                        mate sorry to see you still have some financial worries, thought getting rid of the Astra would solve that for you,

                        hope things get sorted soon for you mate
                        Tuned by RnD Motorsport


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                          I'm not so bad with this car I can run it but I just want to sort my life out quicker, just a shame no one wants to swap the car j want with mine or to buy mine, iv lowered the autotrader price to £8500 which as I have said loads is a bargain with a Remus, black wheels and a headunit that cost £100


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                            Willing to take offers on this, i really need to sell it ASAP


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                              £8000 for quick sale on this, I have to say that's cheaper than most prices out there and that's with no mods never mind mine with what iv done to it, need it gone asap