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Corsa Vxr air vent gauge pods custom made

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  • Corsa Vxr air vent gauge pods custom made

    Well here I'm offering a few more of these air vent gauge pods to house either 52mm or 60mm gauges. I do them in piano black or carbon fibre. They are custom made by me and are the best available for cheap money. I charge £25 each and that includes recorded postage back. I will also do 2 conversions for £45. This price covers my materials, tools and postage as the tools I use only cut a few times then need replacing. I offer this service as I enjoy making them and they are very popular with the members on here and as long as the members are happy then I am too. If there is any specific colour or finish you require then get in touch

    I will require off you your full airvent as it came out the car including outer ring and if you want a 60mm gauge pod making then I will require your gauge so I can ensure a perfect fit. I have a old 52mm gauge that I use to make sure they are a nice snug fit but I have no 60mm gauge

    I am a trusted member and you can be assured that your guage and vent will be looked after and returned to you as soon as I've finished doing the conversion. I also work so I have to do these around work hours so please bear with me when waiting for it to be completed. I can also supply the airvent completed but it will be more than £25 each as the vents cost money but whatever I pay you will pay (still to be confirmed). So if you want a cheap good looking custom mod for cheap money then here it is

    Here's a few pics

    These are 60mm conversions

    These are 52mm conversions

    Let me know if your interested. Thanks

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