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Window tinting in Berkshire area

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  • Window tinting in Berkshire area

    Right guys I think this is a good place to start advertising myself tinting cars...

    I'm not professional but over the 4years of doing it I've manage to get a supplier for film and also the use of my double door garage, there could be the odd bit of dust but even the professionals get this wrong sometimes.. (previous experience)

    Price is £20 a window and as you know it's illegal to tint the front windows and I won't be doing this for anyone.. But can supply a tinted sun strip..

    I've tinted alot of cars including every car I've owned and all my mates so I know what I'm doing..

    I'm based in Berkshire and ideally I won't travel to anyone unless you have a garage in which I can work in otherwise it's anyone's guess what gets inbetween the tint and the glass..

    If your interested please pm me and we can arrange something..


    2nd silver astra VXR - tinted windows, piper exhaust, 2nd decat coming soon! maybe a stage 2 remap