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astra vxr brake setup

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  • astra vxr brake setup

    as above - wanted

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    Give Courtenay sport a call they might have a second hand one in the work shop of they can sell you a brand new set with uprated disc's and pads.

    VXRDave has a set of RED STUFF pads in the for sale section.


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      500 at courtenay + 75 for the uprated disc, was hoping someone was upgrading on here and have some floating on the cheap


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        sold mine to a GSi owner some months back


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          Try contacting either of the following.

          and ask if they have an old set kicking about of know if any of their customers are willing to sell the old set up as they all sell the up graded AP set up.


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            I will be selling mine Astra VXR set soon,and they have run 100miles!

            What can i get for them complete ?


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              as a guide - courtenay sell the setup for 499 inc vat

              vx stealer price is 610+ vat

              i know of a chap paying 250 for discs, pads and calipers for a 5000 mile set so i dont see why you cant advertise them for 350-400 quid to be honest ( id aim at 400 if they have 100 miles )

              i would have said i will take them but i have just gone the courtenay route and ordered them today (sods law eh)

              also they will fit an astra g providing the vxr brake hoses are also purchased (35 from stealers)

              what you vxr owners have is a good brake upgrade for the mk4 owners who will bite your hands off