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  • Guidelines for Adverts

    Dear all,

    Just a few guidelines when posting a For Sale

    Trade Adverts
    We have no objections to trade adverts but please title your post owth TRADE and ensure full dealer information (name, location and phone number) are specified

    Private Ads
    Be aware that the internet is a fine and dandy place in the main, but there is a minority of unscrupulous people out there who are out to get you. Here's a few helpful hints (some are obvious)

    Obvious really but never release your vehicle until the funds have fully cleared into your bank account, including Cash & Banker's Draft. You never know if the cash or draft is counterfeit.

    Beware the fraud that involves someone offshore sending you more than the deposit and asking you to repay the difference.

    Test Drives
    A prospective buyer will probably want to drive your car, but a few simple precautions will ensure your P & J remains yours until you are ready

    1. If the buyer want's to drive, a) check their driving licence (they may have been DQ'd), if not photo-licence, request passport or something; b) ensure they can prove FULLY COMPREHENSIVE insurance cover, just in case there's a mishap when they are driving. Leave the documentation at home.

    2. Make sure you plan the route and let someone know what it is, better still, take someone along with you. And only let the buyer come on the test drive.

    3. If you have a "swap-over" (tricky parking, estate etc), make sure you keep the keys in your hand when you swap and do not let the buyer have the keys until YOU are safely in the car. Try to do so in a safe place, somewhere visible and preferably with CCTV (petrol stations are good).

    4. All ads must have a price you want for the goods forsale.

    If you have other useful pieces of advice, please PM me and I'll update
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