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looking to swap tvr cerbera for monaro or vx220 of about £13k value

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  • looking to swap tvr cerbera for monaro or vx220 of about £13k value


    I am a true petrolhead, and have enjoyed owning many types of interesting cars. I have what appears to be an itch that never goes away to try all the good/fast cars I've not yet had a go at.

    Don't mistake this for a second as buying, ragging about, then flogging on. I have typically owned 2 years+ and have literally poured money into every car I can remember owning, making/keeping it as best possible. Usually (and sickeningly as some of you will well be able to relate to) I've lost untold thousands of pounds at sale time, due to my impatience, just suddenly getting an urge to try something new and selling too quickly perhaps!

    The car market is horrible at the moment, so rather than go through the ball-ache of selling for cash, I'm wondering whether I might find someone who's of a similar mind to myself, and looking to have a cerbera!

    I could sell the Cerbera for £13000-£14000, but as its such a specialised market, I could be waiting months to find the right enthusiast buyer. I'm sure there are people in similar situations to myself, so I'm on the search!

    I will be looking to swap for a car still on my list to have, which, being extremely fair, should have a value similar to what I've quoted for mine.

    If you're still reading, see if what you have to offer is on my list!:

    Nissan Skyline - an excellent example r33 or r34 (gtr or very goot gt-t)
    Toyota Supra TT
    Mazda RX8
    Lexus SC430
    Nissan 350z
    a good Ford Mustang (1999 onwards)
    Chevrolet Corvette C5 (or something with a good Chevrolet LS range engine)
    a good Mistubishi Evo (6 onwards)
    a good Subaru Impreza (02 onwards)
    BMW M5 E39 facelift
    BMW M3 2001-
    BMW Z3M Coupe
    BMW Porsche Boxster S
    Porsche 911 996
    Aston Martin DB7
    Audi (not sure which, one of the fast ones!)
    Chrysler 300C
    Mopar Muscle car of some description
    Vauxhall VX220 or Lotus Elise
    Vauxhall Monaro
    Jaguar XXR
    Mercedes AMG car (clk55 or e55 perhaps)
    Honda S2000
    Honda Integra DC5
    Renault Clio V6
    VW Phaeton
    VW Golf R32 MKV
    TVR Tuscan

    I've probably missed some! if you think theres something worthy of the list, and which could be of similar value, let me know!

    I can be contacted by email: [email protected]
    Please don't waste your and my time by offering things well outside the like value range! I can't contribute cash to the deal. Thanks

    I guess I'll give it a few weeks or a month, and swap with whatever's the best I get offered!

    I'm based in Luton, Bedfordshire

    Now, on to the Cerbera.

    I'm sure you know already, but the sound and performance of the Cerbera are amazing!

    I've spent over £16,000 on it in the last year alone! hopefully this clarifies my earlier point that I'm not just out to try a car, rag it and sell on!

    Do not confuse this with the neglected examples you'll find at the cheap end of the market, as owners of a similar type of car, I'm sure you'll appreciate what I mean! you get what you pay for!

    It's a 1997 AJP 4.2 V8 car with 57k miles

    It's standard other than the following, all done within last 12 months:

    Ray's Gram Lights 57s Pro Titanium 18" wheels fitted with road legal semi-slicks
    clear lenses all round (front, side and rear)
    Decatted using linked decat pipes (original cats supplied with car)
    Gaz Gold adjustable coilovers
    Satellite Navigation, MP3 and telephone bluetooth handsfree ICE system (sounds a lot but its actually all integrated into a single din headunit)

    It is HPI clear, has a new M.O.T., 11 months tax, warranty until may '09, has just had 6000 mile service (cerberas have a standard service every 6k, extended every 12k)

    It's always kept garaged and not taken out in the rain.

    car also comes with a new spare clutch worth £400, and these two spare sets of wheels:
    original OZ saturn 16" wheels with bridgestone potenza tyres,
    a set of new unused 18" 5 spokes (lexus is200 wheels which are same fitment as cerbera, powder coated black by pristine wheels at high cost!) with new falken fk452 tyres stickers still on!)

    I'm an active member of the two main car clubs relating to this marque, and have owned it for just under two years. I run the car using only the best fluids available (tesco 99 fuel , don't argue, it is the best forecourt fuel, motel inugel optima coolant, silkolene pro r true synthetic oil) and have changed the diff and gearbox oil recently.

    You may find minor imperfections in the body and interior, but mechanically, which is my main concern, nothing has been overlooked, as the servicing list below shows.

    29/06/2007 Blue Spot Car Audio, OX20 1QG Blaupunkt Amsterdam NAV35E
    Satnav MP3 headunit with bluetooth handsfree

    16/07/2007 Opie Oils, TR15 1SS Oil, Coolant, etc

    19/07/2007 Clever Trevor, NW4 1ER Air Filter

    23/07/2007 Euro Car Parts, HA9 0TF 2 X Ignition Coil Packs

    16/07/2007 Island, ME11 5HL 4 X oil filters

    31/07/2007 Track Car Solutions, S41 9EY Pair of Linked Decat Pipes

    26/10/2007 Offord Motor Co., PE19 5RH New cams, new shocks/springs, new clutch & slave, loads more work!!!

    28/10/2007 ACE Parts Clear side repeaters

    30/10/2007 Offord Motor Co., PE19 5RH New Battery Supply/Fit

    02/11/2007 Douglas Valley Breakers, WN6 0XQ Boot Badge, Alloy

    02/11/2007 Camskill Performance, CA28 9BZ 2 X 215/35/18 Semi-Slick RS2Tyres, 2 X 235/40/18 Semi-Slick RS2 Tyres

    05/11/2007 DVLA Swansea SA6 7JL Cherished Number Plate

    10/11/2007 Car & Bike Installations Ltd, GU32 3PD Work on alarm system
    electricals, 2 X new fobs also

    13/11/2007 Fancy Plates, Number Plates made up

    23/11/2007 ACT, trackday clamp-on silencers (still unused!)

    01/12/2007 Ian Fitzpatrick, PR8 4SG Temp/Oil Pressure Gauge

    02/12/2007 Amanda Barton Rays Gram Lights 57S Pro Wheels without tyres

    05/12/2007 David Smith, CM3 1QD New Boot Badge

    09/12/2007 eBay TVR Silver Wheel Centre Badges

    16/01/2008 Camskill Performance, CA28 9BZ 4 X Falken FK452 18" Tyres

    26/01/2008 Pristine Wheels, MK17 8UD Refurb 4 X 18" wheels (jet black) and fit 4 tyres supplied by customer

    04/02/2008 A.P.M Automitive, GU35 9PX Front discs and pads, calipers, rear pads, handbrake, steering rack, aircon, lots more

    30/04/2008 Speedy Cables, SA9 1SQ Refurbish Oil Pressure / Water Temp Gauge

    05/05/2008 Olympic Warranties, LS11 5SS Olympic Warranties "Gold Plus
    Extra 100" Warranty 13/05/2008 - 12/05/2009

    22/05/2008 A.P.M Automitive, GU35 9PX Replace faulty starter motor and fit oil/water gauge supplied by customer, change coolant, oil, filter, fit new relief valve spring

    04/07/2008 A.P.M Automitive, GU35 9PX New starter motor and flywheel £885.29

    11/08/2008 Genden, SA5 4AH 2 X Lambda Sensors

    14/08/2008 D.H. Auto Services, LU3 3AN Fit 2 Lambda Sensors provided
    by customer and check ecu readings

    13/09/2008 TVR Power, CV6 6BN 3Hrs Mechanical Rectification (exhaust header rubbing against chassis)

    04/11/2008 TVR Power, Coventry
    new MOT, 6k service, new windscreen and drivers side glass, handbrake adjustment, fix passenger glass sensor

    one clutch which turned out after i replaced it to be in good condition, i sent back to ap racing to have refurbed to as new to keep as spare, must dig out receipt to check date of that

    car cover from halfords, even though I keep it garaged anyway!


    Here's seven pics taken outside my local shop in january, car hasn't changed cosmetically since, some interior shots from a week ago, and a couple of shots outside a hotel in paris (did a drive there in the summer, hotel wanted me to park it outside, even though it was dirty!)

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    Very nice looking TVR there, i certainly wouldn`t swap it for a vx badge !!!