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Car parts scam - beware

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  • Car parts scam - beware

    Some one has been joining forums and ripping members off by offering them parts at very cheap prices, payment by PayPal and no collection around the Northants area.

    Thier advert normally refers to clearing space in thier garage due to a new project (V8 Landrover normally) and if you ask for something he normally has it.

    If you see such an advert then ask yourself if it's too good to be true?

    This is not a hoax, it's on Astra-Sport and he's done some Ford and VW forums too, so he's not far away.

    We all like to think we'd never get caught out, but lots of people have been.

    You have been warned of this person.......

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    Thanks for the Info.... :wink:


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      If you do ever use paypal.. always try and pay using your credit card as you will be protected by the fraud laws. debit card you wont.

      You can also log a complaint and claim your money back that way, they have 7 days to respond and prove delivery or the money is giving back to the buyer... i have had past problems with ebay transactions.