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VXR online BTCC ticket and parking pass

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  • VXR online BTCC ticket and parking pass

    Before anyone says anything I aint being funny here asking for silly money for something I got for free!

    I genuinly was wanting to go but now due to other commitments I aint able to

    VXR parking pass, brands hatch ticket, just what was sent out to me only this morning.

    £1 (covers getting an evelope and large 1st class stamp)

    Paypal : [email protected]

    Dont want to waste this ticket since others wanting to go may have missed out, Ive asked my brother as he also owns a vxr but he cant go either.

    For anyone interested PM me your address and I will get it off to you asap, latest tomorrow morning first class but has to go today as otherwise it wont arrive in time!

    VXR drivers only please, if the admin on the site dont approve of this feel free to delete the add.

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    You need to email sheriff and send the ticket to the next person on the waiting list. It's only fair that way


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      I will advise you who is next on the list.
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