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Astra VXR Nurburgring 58 Plate low mileage!!

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  • Astra VXR Nurburgring 58 Plate low mileage!!

    As some of you already know I had to contemplate changing my burg for a Zaffy VXR due to my mother's deteriorating health... she has a lot of problems getting in and out of my car and as I am her main driver, I really need to change it and soon. Well the time has come to finally push forward with this My own health also has a bearing on this, as some will know I've been quite poorly myself over the past year too, and I am finding it increasingly difficult to get in and out too now due to new problems with my back.

    I would rather she go to someone from here as I know they will have the knowledge, the fun and still look after her with the care she deserves (I am talking about the burg here... not my mother!). It not something I have wanted to do but have considered long and hard and am now looking forward to owning another of the VXR range...

    Right here goes:

    First reg mid Sept 08 so on 58 plate (currently on private plates which will be removed and do not come with the car)
    Just over 6k currently
    Cruise control
    Folding mirrors
    It's also had the Daz touch - blue SMD's with her number added to the dials
    VXR corsa indicator surrounds
    Taxed til February and serviced...

    Being upfront, there is some finance on the vehicle but this will be cleared with the funds paid for the vehicle. It's a pretty top spec burg so I am looking for around £17,500 but will take SENSIBLE genuine offers for this lovely, exceptionally low mileage burg.

    NO PART EXCHANGE due to the outstanding finance so please don't offer.

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    sorry to hear this Paula but good luck in the future with everything


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      I will upload more when I get a chance after I've given her a good clean I'm sure local members who have seen her in the flesh will vouch for how well she gleams up


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        Sorry to hear you are selling the Burg, hope both your mums and your health improve...
        Good luck with the sale...


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          I'll hopefully be staying around Ian and thank you


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            is that not a high price


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              Originally posted by matty3649 View Post
              is that not a high price
              Prices are a little crazy at the mo - there was a 58 plate Arden at my local dealer which didn't look mint and that was up for £17k so price is there or therabouts I would imagine



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                Good look with the sale, have you got a zaffy lined up? My cuz has one at a good price at the moment.

                my VXR history: Arden Corsa, Astra Nurburgring, Corsa Arctic, Evoke VXR8, Black Corsa, Silver Vectra, a long weekend with an Insignia, a chilli burger and now a siggy tourer!


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                  Originally posted by moeman View Post
                  Good look with the sale, have you got a zaffy lined up? My cuz has one at a good price at the moment.
                  Not yet as I need to sell her first and I don't know how long that will take as yet... but I will bear it in mind Thanks Moe x


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                    Nice spec & v low mileage , should get that for it ... Sure you don`t want a swap !!


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                      A swap of some sort would be excellent but unfortunately, as I said, is impossible because of the finance aspect


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                        why not trade it in for a zaffy, sure a stealers would bite your hand off for a low millage burg?
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                          are you looking for new? Archie Moss have some new ones in of a decent spec, and depending on how much u still owe maybe they can sort out some kind of deal?:-


                          or more second hand:-


                          Or even try email the gentleman on here who posts the

                          Worth exploring your options to get the best deal that you can


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                            Trade in won't give me what she is worth is what I've been told which is why I'm trying privately first.

                            I went to a VX dealer in August who only offered me £10k for her so I told him in no uncertain terms where to go! Another at the same time offered £13k... so you see my reasons...

                            Spike VXR is the salesman from the dealership I brought her from and I don't know what he would say... Paul??


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                              Prices have recovered quite a bit since August , you may be surprised ...