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  • question tuners stage 2

    hi live in n ireland restricted as far as tuning goes compared to mainland was wondering if any of u guys r know any thing about unichip mapping software as a leading tuner over here uses that software i know it runs along with the standard ecu and bends the singals to the engine is this not a good set up ,would go with mainland plug and play systems but only get 97 ron fuel over and most dont do set ups for that fuel and some guys over here have went with that set up and had problems plus i quite like the idea of custom mapping .
    305 bhp 310 pound of t / courtney tophat / courtney powerpipe/ courtney intercooler/ courtney cdti / forge recic valve / oil restricter bolt / ai unichip / k sport 8 pods /quaffie lsd /eibacs prokit/whiteline rarb / alpine head unit ,amp, /courts accuator /anchirite 19,s

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    I will share my experiences to date. The only remote tuner that could supply me a map for our fuel was TMS though it took a while to get the map. They were initially happy for me to run on the map designed for 99 ron fuel and allow my ignition to retard to cope.

    What I found was that the car was retarding ignition much further than Tms expected it would to cope. I changed to the 95 ron map and the engine is much happier

    JB_VXR uses a unichip and got good results, the unichip basically bends the sensor outputs directed to the ecu to try to get a desired output from the ecu. What unichip basically intercepts a signal and bends it in such away that it references another point in the existing map tricking the ecu.

    The key to getting a unichip to work correctly is ensuring the correct signals are intercepted and hiding the correct settings from the ecu i.e. boost pressure etc.

    If the unichip cannot bend the signal to get the desired output it can also rewrite the outputs from the ecu but this is more dangerous and a little tricky.

    The unichip allows the mapper the ability to remove the tolerances an engine has learned to deal with and brings the ecu back to a condition where the long term trims are taken into account by the way the ecu signals are adjusted thus the ecu can still adapt in the same fashion it did when released from the factory as all obdII ecus can. The problem is when outputs are rewritten which can affect this 'adaption' process.

    A unichip is only as good as the mapper and the mapper must rely on reading the ecu logs when tuning the unichip and simply not rely on wideband sensors and det cans etc as although they are useful tools without being able to see how the ecu is adapting its a dangerous process. Maximum power does not mean the ecu is not right at its limits or already retarded timing or adjust short/long term trim settings to cope with the bent signal.

    Both options have their positives/negatives, I have never logged an unichip car to see the how the ecu is coexisting with the unichip, I will ask JB_VXR if he has logged his car to date.

    J at AI is an excellent mapper and done enough of these cars to date so should get it spot on, if you want some extra assurance you could ask them to give you the logs of any software they use to monitor the ecu.

    The other options are to look at other vendors over here like superchips or obd autotune to write you a custom map onto your existing ecu or take a trip to the mainland.
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      Sorry just thought of a bit more info that you may find relevant. Generic maps from hand held devices are written in a state where the tuners rely on the ability of OBDII ecus to adapt to variations that exist from the factory i.e. the ecu adjusts to tolerances in the hardware. So a base spec map is designed for a set of hardware knowing their will be tolerance differences from car to car to which the ecu can adapt.

      The problem is that some ecus will have to adapt further than others to cope with the new map and as a result some could end up close to an adaption boundary or perhaps beyond a boundary and bring up a fault code. This is usually unlikely and the map simply emphasizes a subtle hardware issue already present.

      Hopefully some tuners will come along but I asked other questions like this in the past and never got one response from a tuner. I found ringing round them was not much help either as I could never get speaking to those in the know. I found superchips to have many more answers readily available etc.
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        Hi Mate,

        Worky is much more technical and in the know about this shiz anyway, but I'll give you a brief summary.

        The car went in and got the following initially

        - Forge FMIC
        - Forge Recirc Valve
        - Forge Pipework
        - Collins Actuator
        - Courtenay Airbox
        - RARB
        - Piper 3", 2 Silencer Exhaust
        - XYZ 6 Pot Brakes

        The car made 296bhp and 297 lb-ft.

        When I picked the car up, it was a little laggy, it would seem very much N/A (naturally aspirated) until about 4k and then take off like an absolute rocket, pushing you back in your seat. This gradually got worse until it was more like 4.5k that it kicked in, leaving very little rev's to play with with massive lag after gear changes.

        Thought the Collins Actuator might be at fault and was recommended to buy the Courtenay one, so I did and the car went back in.

        After some issues, the car lag was solved by reseating the Forge Valve (I believe) and the Collins Actuator was not at fault.

        Lag is virtually gone now, car made 306bhp and 302lb-ft. The map is so smooth though that some of the aggression/fun of the lag is gone, though its very tractable and virtually never spins the wheels. I heard you can have multiple unichips maps by buying an additional switch board or something, I'll ask Phil about that and see about getting a more aggressive map, but to be honest at least (I hope) the gearbox isn't taking too much torque through it.

        I have the kit to datalog but I screwed the laptop before I got a chance, I need a lend of an XP disc (Non-OEM) to fix it and I have an OEM one.

        I'll keep you informed.

        PS: Collins actuator available at good price here lol
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          so basicilly after a slight teething problem you would b happy with the car now?, and how is the ecu and the unichip gettin on any signs of problems
          305 bhp 310 pound of t / courtney tophat / courtney powerpipe/ courtney intercooler/ courtney cdti / forge recic valve / oil restricter bolt / ai unichip / k sport 8 pods /quaffie lsd /eibacs prokit/whiteline rarb / alpine head unit ,amp, /courts accuator /anchirite 19,s


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            Yea I'm happy mate, touch wood she's been fine since. Only thing I've noticed is the Forge valve will occasionally make a 'flutter' sound, as if its on the verge of opening and on this verge it flutters, only notice it if I'm maintaining certain revs for some reason (cruise control on etc). But its rare and doesn't seem to be having any ill effect.

            I'll probably get it RR'd again soon to check everything is still ok, as I say because the curve is so progressive, its more deceptively fast than push you into your seat fast which I imagine you'll get with a higher torque map from a handset.

            Hope this helps, sorry for the delay.



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              Got your pm Worky - I will get J to read over it for you.

              My Burg had the Unichip put into it at 1k miles and now has ~30k apparently - it is still going brilliant and the only thing it needed was a replacement cat (not unheard of for a 200cell cat to go in 20k odd miles.