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Astra J VXR - EDS Stage 1+ Decat

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  • Astra J VXR - EDS Stage 1+ Decat

    At Regal Autosport we have created what we consider the most performance enhancing and easily reversible modification for the Astra J VXR/OPC platform for money spent. Let’s tell you a little more about this upgrade…

    RSS Turbo Decat Downpipe (as pictured above)

    On the Astra J VXR/OPC GM installed a cat, directly after the turbocharger outlet (take a look below for comparison, stock downpipe on the left and RSS development downpipe on the right). This causes a huge restriction in flow and causes an increase in exhaust gas temperature. The RSS Turbo Decat Downpipe replaces the stock downpipe with a 3″ straight through downpipe, utilises all of the stock flanges for fitment to the standard exhaust system without any issue. Just swap the OE pipe for our RSS Turbo Decat Downpipe! If you wanted (but we really couldn’t see a reason why), you could re-install the standard downpipe at any time. What’s more is that the RSS Turbo Decat Downpipe is hand-made in the South of England, features both TIG and MIG welding, CNC machined flanges and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Quality, performance and reliability were of the utmost importance in the design of this component.

    EDS Stage 1+ Decat ECU Calibration

    The EDS ECU Calibration, specifically created for the Astra J VXR/OPC models with the RSS Turbo Decat Downpipe fully optimises the ECU fuelling, ignition, VVT, boost and various other ECU parameters to optimise the engine to take full advantage of the RSS Turbo Decat Downpipe. The EDS ECU Calibration also removes the ECU speed limiter for maximum top-speed potential, throttle pedal maps are also optimised for improved throttle response and driveablity, to top this off EDS also paid close attention to parameters directly related to fuel efficiency. Depending on your driving style and other factors you may see an improvement in MPG!

    This EDS ECU Calibration also removes the ECU’s 420 code relating to emissions for check engine light free operation in relating to the emissions only. The ECU retains all of the stock safety parameters.

    In summary driveability is improved as are the engines power and torque potential with the added bonus of improved fuel efficiency.

    Hard Facts

    This dyno graph is taken from EDS’ Astra J VXR. The dotted line graph is what their bone stock car rolling roaded in at and the solid line is what their car equipped with an RSS Turbo Decat Downpipe and EDS Stage 1+ Decat ECU Calibration made after optimisation.

    PS? NM? Let’s convert this into English for you…

    Stock Figures: 271HP/315TQ

    EDS Stage 1+ Decat ECU Calibration + RSS Turbo Decat Downpipe – 312HP/367TQ

    Peak Gains – +41HP/+52TQ

    Max Gains – +65HP @RPM 6300/+79TQ @ 3600RPM

    As you can see, power and torque is wildly increased over stock. Throughout the entire RPM range. With gains at peak of 41HP & 52TQ as well as earth shattering max gains of 65HP @ 6300RPM and 79TQ 3600RPM this upgrade is certainly not something to be sniffed at. Interested? We thought so…

    Upgrade Options

    Option 1)
    The first upgrade option is to bring your vehicle to our Southampton HQ, where you can hand your Astra J VXR over to fully trained and experienced technicians in the field of upgrading your VXR. We will fit the RSS Turbo Decat Downpipe, install the EDS Stage 1+ Decat ECU Calibration and are currently offering free of charge before and after rolling road runs to the first 3 customers who take us up on this deal, saving you £130. All of this for the special price of £795, RRP £937.

    Option 2)
    The second upgrade option is via mailorder, we will ship the EDS IPF (Intelligent Power Flasher) and RSS Turbo Decat Downpipe to you, so you can flash your vehicle with the EDS Stage 1+ Decat ECU Calibration and fit the RSS Turbo Decat Downpipe at your leisure. The EDS Intelligent Power Flasher (IPF) allows you to remap your vehicle to the EDS ECU calibration in the comfort of your own home, install the operating software (internet connection required) on your Windows XP, Windows 7/8 PC, read your vehicle, plug into your PC, select your file, download it and programme your vehicle with the EDS ECU calibration. This upgrade option is £832.

    Along with the EDS IPF you will receive an option of flashing your car with a stock file, ''ALL OPC PEDAL'' file for VXR throttle response in all modes as well as future software files depending on being eligable.

    Interested? Questions? Let us know. Drop me a PM, call us on 02380558636 or send an e-mail to [email protected].
    Last edited by Regal; 14th October 2013, 10:38 AM.
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    Coincidence! That's what I just contacted Regal for!

    That's a real good bang for the buck!!! Really getting this for my J!
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