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Potential Vec C VXR owner questions

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  • Potential Vec C VXR owner questions

    Hi All,

    To keep the background on this as short as possible. As a family man and part-time Drummer, I need a vehicle with decent load space, currently, and I don't mean to offend anyone, I drive a Ford Galaxy, I know, but I needed Diesel for work at the time and the company was paying for it .

    Now circumstances are changing and I really, really want something that responds to my need for a fun drive, yet keep the practical load space. having spent a considerable amount of time researching websites for all possible fast estates and the venerable Zafira VXR and their associated forums forums, I am 99% convinced that my weapon of choice should be a Vectra VXR estate .

    Anyway, having read through various threads from you all, I'm still as keen as ever, to finish my research, I was wondering whether some of you are able to let me know what the servicing details are for these beasties i.e. intervals and costs. Also if there are any preferred locations close to my location in Central Shropshire as I am sure that VX dealers are no more trustworthy than most Ford ones.

    I look forward to receiving your wisdom!

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    welcome here
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