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  • New (No VXR yet though!)

    Hi everyone I've been looking round this forum for a few days now at some of your pics and theres some very nice cars on this site!

    I haven't got a VXR yet, currently driving an MG ZR, but I'm hoping to start looking for an astra 'burg edition in the new year.

    What kind of things should I be looking out for when im on the prowl? and how much should i be expecting to spend (guessing at around 16-20k from what theyre up for on autotrader).

    Anyway just saying hi and hope to be part of the club next year!

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    Hiya welcome aboard


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      Welcome to the site



      • #4 it buy a vxr


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          welcome to the site mate i was in a zr a few years back had a couple of other cars inbetween that and the burg and wish i'd gone straight to a vxr now so you can do what i never did so go for it mate and you'll love the burg


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            Hi Looking Forward Too 2009 Then


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                thanks for the welcome guys!

                really cant wait now gonna start putting my zr back to standard soon and sell the stuff ive put on it, one thing I was wondering is about the headunit in the astra, am i right in thinking its a double DIN slot? in which case my flip out pioneer dvd player wont fit, i was going to transfer it to whatever car i bought next but if its a double DIN slot ill sell that too and use the money to buy a nice double DIN dvd unit. also what happens to the little screen above the headunit when an aftermarket stereo is put in, does it become obsolete?

                thx again lookin forward to bein part of the club!