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Hi from possible Zafira VXR owner

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  • Hi from possible Zafira VXR owner

    Just a quick one to say hello.

    I've been forced into looking for a new car as my MG ZS180 was written off on Friday

    I'll not be getting much from the insurance company with the market having fallen through as it has, but one of my possible options is the Zafira VXR.

    I've been wanting a WRX STI for ages now, but we have a young baby and we know we need a larger vehicle, so if I get a Scooby I've still got to get something larger. The VXR seems like a nice fit if I can stretch to the cost of one.

    I've also seen there's quite a bit of modding potential for it, which does interest me

    Aside from that, I'm living near Stratford in Warwickshire and I work for Codemasters as a sound designer - the guys who do Race Driver GRID, Colin McRae DiRT2 and F1 - not a bad job

    The madfiddler thing comes from the fact I play the violin in a disturbed kind of way



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    Wow, hope you were ok after the crash.

    Welcome to the site The Zaffys are great vehicles, really good all rounders and very practical. As you've mentioned the tuning potential is good, the same as astra basically so if you want to go mad you can - quite a few stage 3 Zaffy's on here, and few other special ones as well

    Have a look round, enjoy and don't be afraid to ask any questions - sure our resident Bus guys will assist as much as they can

    Ps - Working for codemasters Nice job, used to love their games when I was younger - good ole micromachines across the ironing board


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      Thanks for the welcome Alex.

      Yeah, all ok. Bit of a stiff neck, and *ahem* an aching bottom, but that's about it.

      I'll be sure to ask when questions come up.. Just reading everything there is atm.




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        Glad it weren't too bad Don't be afraid to ask any questions if you can't find what your looking for, the Zaffy chaps are all really nice and great helpers if you need any info


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          hello and welcome to the mad house


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            hey there big welcome to the site.

            Rabbid Tuned - WG Motorworks


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              Hi and welcome to the forum, Zaffie with stage 3 is awsome .


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                hi & welcome to the site


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                  welcome dude, and yes, you have a great job
                  Tuned by RnD Motorsport


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                    Welcome to the site buddy, i have an Astra & Zafira VXR both very good cars.


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                      Welcome to the site, any questions about the bus feel free to ask in the bus room!

                      Just racked up 60K miles in mine & enjoyed every minute


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                        Welcome to the site, I have had my bus for 2 months, I now wonder how I managed without it !!


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                          welcome to the site
                          Arden Racing Edition


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                            welcome here mate !
                            MB E63s AMG
                            MB C63 AMG & Performance Package
                            Megane R.S. 250 CUP - Gone, But Not Forgotten
                            Opel Corsa OPC / VXR - Gone, But Not Forgotten


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                              Welcome Madfiddler

                              Loads of bargin Buses about for the buyers market but not to good if you are selling
                              have a look about autotrader and pistonheads sites to name 2.

                              Good luck with that hunt for a New motor
                              from another Bus Driver
                              .Happy Days again

                              ...............Herbie goes Vauxhall......................