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  • Newbie from Scotland

    Just thought I put a post up to say hi always been a Vauxhall fan had a few gsi's and gte's took a break away with a couple jap cars and had to come back and picked up my 2007 astra vxr today had 100 mile drive home and couldn't stop smiling

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    Hi, I’m a newbie too, welcome and enjoy your new motor!


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      Hi you too mate
      had 100 mile trip home with it and couldn't stop smiling all the way home 😁


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        Mine had to go back for an air con fault pretty much after I got and was off the road for a few days, bumper off and awaiting parts, all repaired now and ice cold air con, yesterday was the first day I spent all day driving around in it......all I can say is “WOW” fast as anything.....a little hard work in traffic and it’s really difficult to drive without busting the speed limits. I’m in between jobs at the minute, but as soon as my next pay cheque comes in I’ll be replacing the front tyres as they are mismatched both in terms of tyre type, but also tread depth. I’m thinking rainsport 3’s as I’ve had them on various cars and liked them in the wet......wheels could do with a light refurb, but not desperate and the bodywork needs a good detail clean, fallout around trims and windows etc...., but it looks good from 2 meters away. I’m currently trying to figure out how to clean the chrome exhaust trims without mucking up the plastic diffuser they sit in....
        Enjoy the Scottish twistys and countryside and keep us posted....


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          Not to good but leastbits sorted now
          Yeah mine is getting valve stem oil seals next weekend as it's a little smokey on idle but I knew that before I bought it
          had a 406bhp scooby a couple year ago and yeah the vxr still has a good pull in comparison obviously scooby was quicker but vxr still surprised me on the drive home lol once the stem seals are done will get a couple shuttle mods and see how it goes 😁


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            Welcome aboard VxRO mate
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              Originally posted by Woody View Post
              Welcome aboard VxRO mate
              Thanks mate