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  • Battery light Flash

    Hey Guys!

    I have a problem every time i get in and drive my car, my battery light would flash and my revs would drop to 0 and back up again to what it was before, plus all power would be lost just for a split second. It would only do it once and that's it.

    I've changed the battery and it still happens, I don't think its the alternator as the battery voltage is always around 14.7 with engine running and 12.7 with the engine off so its charging the battery fine.

    Anybody got any idea what it could be? i was thinking faulty wiring or bad connection somewhere.


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    Could be a bad/corroded ground/earth from the battery check
    the ground wire coming off the battery to the body

    Not saying it is this but got to be worth having a look/check just to rule it out
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