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Thinking of looking at an Astra VXR - MOT issue

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  • Thinking of looking at an Astra VXR - MOT issue

    Hi guys, I've already test drove one VXR (dud) and phoned about another which was sold in less than 24 hours... on to no.3 and it looks okay other than Play in steering rack inner joint(s) as an MOT advisory.

    Just wondering could this be a potential disaster? I've had many cars with track rod type problems before and a couple of hundred quid later they're perfect. I don't mind going into a car that's a good deal knowing I have to spend a bit to sort it, but if it's actually a sign of the steering rack deteriorating I'm sure that could be a bigger price!

    Appreciate any feedback.

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    Welcome aboard VxRO mate. I'm sure you will get some advice here
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      Well car drove well and I got a good deal on it, so decided to go for it...

      The only thing I would say was that it seemed to be considerably slower than my Mini Cooper S, which is a little surprising seeing as though the VXR has around 40bhp more! Is there anything typical that could be holding it back?


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        Nice car mate, might have a boost leak, but then it may feel slower because its more refined and slightly heavier. Try pressing the sport button and holding it down to turn off Traction Control.


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          Sport button definitely makes a difference, I kind of forgot about that lol (first car with one) lower end definitely doesn't pick up as much speed as my MINI, but maybe that's just superchargers for you! Going to miss that...

          The more time I spend with the VXR the more I think it was probably quite modified before and has been put back to standard before selling. Half wondering if there was a map on it or something and now it needs re-syncing as it were. Oh well soon I'll get it to a Vauxhall specialist to have a proper look for me. Any recommendations for a garage in Essex?