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Low compression in pistons

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  • Low compression in pistons

    Bought my corsa vxr a month ago, 64 plate 30k miles completely standard. Just decided to do a compression test today to see what figures I’d get assuming they’d all be 170+. I got 150 145 150 150

    reading things online 150 isn’t great and 145 certainly isn’t great? Is it anything to be worried about or anything worth getting checked out?

    thanks In advance

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    I think if all pistons are around the same psi then its ok ... but im not 100 percent sure on that as normally they should be 170/80 . I know someone who had 160 on all and its been fine .

    What made you do a compression test pal ? peace of mind or car running dodgy ?
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      Yes I though that as they’re all about the same numbers it’d be okay, I just decided to do it for peace of mind, car runs fine hence why I was a little shocked at the numbers