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Newbie saying hello and needing some proper info!

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  • Newbie saying hello and needing some proper info!

    Hello all,

    I've just joined the forum! Not been a VXR owner before but am a bit of a Vauxhall enthusiast. Know my way around many Vauxhall's and not afraid to get my hands dirty when needed.

    I'm searching the market for a 2014> Insignia VXR Supersport Manual (hatchback). There are a fair few around but prices do vary anywhere from £10k to £18k.

    I've been doing some searching everywhere online about what to look out for, but I really want some proper advise by proper owners on what to keep a look out for, what to expect with higher mileage examples, how the engines fair when mileage is say 80k+ and anything else that is a must in terms of servicing etc. I have read about Haldex systems being a weak point, but these types of threads I've read seem to point to pre-facelift models.

    Would appreciate any useful info. If all goes to plan I should have one in the near future and you'll probably see me on here a bit more

    Cheers 👍