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Potential new owner! :)

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  • Potential new owner! :)

    Hi guys,

    around December time, i'll be purchasing a new motor (well not "brand" new).

    Looking at around £12/13,000 max spend i guess.

    Anyway, had kind of narrowed it down to a Civic Type-R, or a Focus RS. However i'm having 2nd thoughts on the RS as i've read a few horror storys about how twitchy they are on a less than smooth road.

    We did test drive a VXR Corsa the other week, but it was a very short drive. Couldn't afford a new one, and as you dont see many around, thought there wouldn't be many around for my budget.

    Been looking today and seen some at £11,000-£12,000 on Autotrader.

    Question is, what do you guys think of the Corsa VXR?
    I'd probably end up getting it modded in some way as well, so are there many places that will chip the ecu amongst other things?

    Cheers for any feedback!

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    welcome to the site. i found mine on autotrader for £10995 best thing i ever did buying it. im sure some of the guys will tell you some good tunning points


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      welcome here

      try to read most viewed threads in Corsa chat
      MB E63s AMG
      MB C63 AMG & Performance Package
      Megane R.S. 250 CUP - Gone, But Not Forgotten
      Opel Corsa OPC / VXR - Gone, But Not Forgotten


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        hello and welcome to the funhouse m8


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          hello and welcome


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            welcome here


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              hello mate welcome to the site, yes depending on where u want to travel to
              there are the ''BIG 4'' vaux tuners
              there is this 4th piston issue that is ongowing but u can find out more about that in the
              corsa section of the forum