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Gauging Interest/What is it worth type threads

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  • Gauging Interest/What is it worth type threads

    Please note that the rules have been updated, and due to past problems with gauging interest and what is it worth type threads, these will no longer be allowed on the forum.

    Goods are either for sale or not, maybe is not good enough, if the 'seller' pulls out it can leave a number of disappointed potential buyers.

    Likewise what is it worth threads always produce a wide range of prices and are often used as a way around the sales restrictions.

    In comparision to Autotrader/Pistonheads very few vehicles are actually sold through this forum so the better guide for pricing are these sites.

    Or care of Vauxhall and Glass's
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    Guys - we've had a lot of these types of threads recently and they all get deleted, reasons why are above



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      Again we've seen a few of these type of threads recently so thought it's time for a bump