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Background behind VXR name choice

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  • Background behind VXR name choice

    The original purpose of the VXR was to demonstrate how Vauxhall has become a more exiting brand. VXR represents Vauxhall’s move to provide true performance cars, whilst still offering their traditional customers a wide choice of vehicles from the existing Vauxhall range. With other manufactures upping their game, Vauxhall needed to give its top of the range sports models a harder edge – VXR gave it.
    Vauxhall have been gradually introducing the name over the last couple of years. Originally the BTCC team was named VX Racing. Then last year, VXR was splashed over the bonnet to establish the link between the track and road models. VXR’s expected audience is young males under forty, so launching the brand at the 2004 Motorshow with two of the most aggressive models – VXR220 and Monaro, really caught peoples attention.
    Vauxhall spent quite a bit of time getting the right name for their ultimate sports offering. Vauxhall Sports Car Club members were involved in a number of workshops and 'white-board' sessions. Finally VXR was chosen, primarily because the R is widely used in the automotive industry to suggest performance. Combine that with VX and you’ve got a name that really works.
    But how does VXR fit in with the other sports models that Vauxhall offers? SXi remains the entry-level sports model, with SRi offering affordable sports performance. The old GSi model range has now gone, and it’s been replaced with the harder edged VXR models.