Following some extensive hot summer (26°C plus) testing and development both in the UK and Europe, Courtenay Sport and Triple Eight Race Engineering have revised their uprated VXRacing Intercooler for the Astra VXR.

The cooler is still the same size height and depth as the original VXRacing Intercooler design, however for improved cooling efficiency it has now been mounted in front of and away from the other coolers to receive the major benefit of direct high pressure air at ambient air temperature. (This removes all the problems caused by the interruption of air flow and heat dump caused by the air-conditioning condenser and front fan.)
The Intercooler package is also now installed lower. This is because air will always take the easiest flow route and with the original factory set up the air is able to escape underneath the intercooler rather than going through the core. By installing the cooler lower the air is no longer unable to take that route, but is directed through the core.

An additional cooling benefit we have achieved by lowering the intercooler is that now 85% of the high pressure, ambient temperature air flow going in through the top grille panel gets directed on to the water radiator at its hottest point. This has addressed the issue of high and creeping engine water temps found on modified Astra VXR's.

A third benefit of the new design and installation is that the charge air from the cooler is now exiting out of the top LH corner of the intercooler both shortening the pipe runs and making the intercooler core operate in the most efficient way by moving the air diagonally across the core rather than in and out at the bottom or the top.

With the new Intercooler kit, the number of parts has been reduced and some have been simplified so therefore has the new price of £750 inc vat.
All customers with the original VXRacing Intercooler are aware of this redesign, and both Courtenay and VXRPC would like to thank them for all there feed back during this redesign period and finally as they are all aware their cars are being recalled back to Courtenay or VXRPC to be upgraded free of charge.