VXR Performance Centre and Vauxhall are proud to announce a new partnership with the Austrian exhaust manufacturer Remus Innovation to produce bespoke stainless steel Sport exhaust systems for the VXR range, starting first with the VXR Astra, to be closely followed by the VXR Corsa.

These VXR badged and approved systems will be available from not only the VXR Performance Centre but Vauxhall dealer’s throughout UK and other tuning companies.

Remus Innovations, a company stared in 1990 and now employing over 600 people are producers of an array of exhaust systems from Motorsport to motor cycle, and original equipment systems to after-market sport systems.

From their ultra modern R&D facility their expert knowledge has gone into each Remus sports exhaust system considering the most significant factors and achieving the optimal combination between sound, performance and design.

With their philosophy, knowledge and skill sets Remus Innovations are considered the number 1 exhaust manufacturer in a world wide market place distributing product throughout Europe, across America into Asia and Australia.

The VXR Astra will be the first exhaust system available in the VXR Remus Sports Exhaust Range. This exhaust system will be available from 25th April 2007.

For further technical or supply information please contact the VXR Performance Centre on 0870 242 4334 or email [email protected]