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Remus Astra VXR Sports Exhaust System

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  • Remus Astra VXR Sports Exhaust System

    Technical Information
    The Remus manufactured Sports exhaust system for Astra VXR is constructed in four sections from high grade 70 mm stainless steel. With the system being 70 mm from turbo outlet to tail pipe tip this is only available as a complete replacement system, but will of course mount using the standard original equipment fixings.

    The turbo outlet pipe has the pre-catalyst removed as per most Sport exhaust systems. The catalyst pipe is fitted with unidirectional expansion and vibration bellows together with a 100 cell Sport catalyst. The link pipe has the first in line silencer removed therefore improving exhaust gas flow.
    The rear section contains the silencer box which produces a deep and sonorous sound, and with the high shine chromium tail pipe tip with embossed VXR logo ensuring the Tailpipe is as aesthetically enhancing as it is performance enhancing.

    Performance Figures:
    Produced on the same car, on the same day, on the same rolling road.

    VXR Remus Exhaust 20 bhp increase @ 5,885 rpm
    over standard performance with 15 lb/ft torque [email protected] 5,270rpm

    VXR Remus Exhaust 48 bhp increase @ 6,800 rpm
    & Remap with 70 lb/ft torque increase @ 4,412rpm

    Noise Level
    Static 90 db max
    Drive-by 85 db

    Emissions Testing
    Natural Idle CO 0.01% volume (limit less than 0.30% volume)
    Fast Idle CO 0.09% volume (limit less than 0.20% volume)
    Fast Idle HC 16 ppm volume (limit less than 200 ppm volume)
    Fast Idle Lambda 1.0004 (limit between 0.970 and 1.030)

    For further technical or supply information please contact the VXR Performance Centre on 0870 242 4334 or email [email protected]
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