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VXR Performance Centre opens

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  • VXR Performance Centre opens

    VXR Performance Centre opens
    (taken from High Performer Magazine - HPm - March 2006)
    Vauxhall Sports Car Club’s regional organisers were the first public to visit the new VXR Performance Centre when it opened in early February.
    For the first time ever, you can have you car tuned by VX Racing, the outfit behind Vauxhall’s winning BTCC campaign. It’s a fantastic opportunity – where else can you have VX Racing technicians working on your car? With parts being developed by the BTCC winning team, owners are certain to receive reliable and proven upgrades for their motors.
    Run by Triple Eight Performance Vehicles based near Banbury in Oxfordshire, the new centre will provide performance enhancing products for all cars in the Vauxhall range, not just VXR models. So if you want to VXR your SXi, then it will be worth talking with the centre first.
    The centre builds on the strong relationship with the many performance brands already linked to the VX Racing touring car team such as AP Racing, Recaro, Team Dynamics and Irmscher, with many more on the way.
    Everything from ECU upgrades to roll cages and VX Racing wheels are available. From mild road tuning to full track preparation, the sky really is the limit in what you can have done.
    For each individual module of modification the Centre is trying to offer at least three different levels of modification. For example if we take suspension, the Centre will offer four levels; Level 1 – VX Racing Sports Suspension; this would be a non adjustable damper or strut matched with a lower/stiffer road spring, which would aim to give the driver more confidence in the vehicle; Level 2 and 3 – again VX Racing Sport Suspension but adjustable. From the height adjustable Coil-over kit through to the full three-way adjustable kit (height, bump and rebound) that are designed for every day road use; A top level would also be available – Motorsport – this is really for dedicated circuit cars, and can involve chassis modifications etc, and will come with reasonably high maintenance levels.
    It’s the same story when it comes to engine tuning. Level 1 would see an ECU re-map – very effective on turbo models. Level 2 would see the addition of a Milltek exhaust system, and level 3 would combine all these with internal engine modifications – for example uprated cam shafts or a re-profiled head. Its good news for diesel drivers too, as the Centre will be able to offer upgrades for both petrol and diesel units.
    Every car that is worked on by the Centre will have its own uniquely numbered VXR Performance Centre badge fitted under the bonnet. A central register of every car’s modifications will be maintained, making it easier for your local Vauxhall retailer to service and maintain your car.
    Fancy giving your car an upgrade? Although the centre operates an appointment only system, they do offer a while-you-wait service for the more straight forward upgrades. You will even be able to watch your car being worked on from the workshops specially built viewing platform.
    As well as being offered the chance to have a look around the factory that produces the BTCC cars, there will be plenty to keep you occupied whilst your car receives the VXR treatment - you won’t get bored. Budding racing drivers will be able to prove their worth on the Astra Touring Car simulator. Based on James Thompson’s championship winning car, it really does feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.
    Elsewhere, an interactive screen allows you to catch up with the latest team and product news. You can also peer into the display cabinets, showcasing some of the range of mouth watering upgrades available.
    If that’s all too much to take in, then grab a drink and sit back in one of the specially converted Recaro racing seats, that have been transformed into comfortable lounge chairs, and sit back and watch your car’s transformation.
    For more details about what’s on offer visit the Centre’s website at or call the Centre direct on 0870 242 4334.